International Congress «Building Peace in the 21st century» Barcelona | April 2012
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Francesc Torralba


Doctor of Philosophy and Theology. Professor of Ethics at the Ramon Llull University (URL), director of the URL Ethics Board and Vice President of the Hispanic Society of Friends of Søren Kierkegaard. Director of the Universitas Albertiana Peace Institutes and collaborator at the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN Foundation. Director of Postgraduate Program in the Culture of Peace and Social Cohesion at University of Barcelona.


Xavier Marín


Doctor of Philosophy and professional expert in Culture, Civilization and Islamic Religion.
Professor at Ramon Llull University (URL) and the Institut Superior Ciencias Religioses de Barcelona (ISCREB).
Reseacher at the International Forum of the Arab and Muslim World, member of the URL Identity and Intercultural Dialogue Group and Theology and Religion Seminar at the Catalonia Faculty of Theology.

Fadhila Mammar


Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Philosophy. 
Masters in Migrations, Refugee and Community Relations.
Mediator and expert on Intercultural Mediation. 
She directs the Madrid Intercultural Social Mediation Service (SEMSI). 
She teaches on several universities Masters courses.

Jaume Castro


Is the President of Sant Egidio Foundation in

Mustapha Cherif


Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Toulouse and Doctor in Sociology from the University of Sorbonne, Paris.
Academic Director of the International Masters in Islamic and Arabic Studies at the University of Catalonia.
Was Rector and founder of the Algerian University of Continuing Education and Algerian Minister of Higher Education.
President of the Forum of Algerian Intellectuals and member of the World Islamic-Catholic Forum.

Carlos Giménez


Doctor of Philosophy and Philology. 
Teaches Social Anthropology and Spanish Philosophical Thought at Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and Director of the UAM Migration and Multiculturalism program.
Assessor of Immigration for the social administration of the Community of Madrid, consultant for the UNDP. 
Technical adviser on immigration matters for the Ombudsman for minors in the Community of

Mª José Cano


Head of Department for Semitic Studies at the University of Granada.
Doctor in Hebrew Philology.
Specialist in Hispanic-Hebrew, especially in the Andalucian period and in Judaism and Peace.
Author of various publications and books.

David Álvarez

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Doctor in Philosophy from the Complutense University of Madrid.
Dean of the Faculty of Science and Humanities at the University of Madre y Maestra, Dominican Republic.
Contributes to various media publications and specialist magazines in his country


Ivon Ayala


Biologist, Manager of the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN Foundation.
Has worked with various Spanish and Cameroon NGOs.

Anna Viñas


Technical architect.
Works with the Universitas Albertiana and Ambito Maria Corral.


Esther Borrego


Degree in Administration and Company Management and in Social Work. Works professionally with various welfare agencies in Barcelona. Has participated in induction and cultural integration programs in Chile and the Dominican Republic.

Petra de Llanos


Degree in Hispanic Philology. Professor at the University of Communication in Beijing. Contributes articles to various media sources, specialist in Far East.

Ana María Ollé

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Degree in Anthropology and journalism. Professor of the Culture of Peace at the University of Madre y Maestra, Dominican Republic. Writes for various publications in the Dominican Republic.

Sergio Shi Lei

Barcelona. Pequín,


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