International Congress «Building Peace in the 21st century» Barcelona | April 2012
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Vicent Martínez-Guzmán

Vall d'Uixó, Castellón

Doctor in Philosophy. Honorary Director of the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace at the Universidad Jaume I de Castellón (UJI). Has carried out research work at universities in Frankfurt, Germany and Berkeley, US. Founder of the University Masters in Estudios Internacionales de Paz, Conflictos y Desarrollo (International Studies in Peace, Conflict and Development), UJI. Has received various prizes recognizing his professional and personal work including the 2010 Memorial Juan XXIII for peace.


Gloria Novel


Doctor in Conflict Mediation. Expert in health mediation. Professor at the University of Barcelona. Director of the Observatory of Mediation, UB

Marinés Suares

Buenos Aires

Degree in Psychology. Vice President of the Fundación Mediadores en red (Network of Mediators) and member of the World Forum on Mediation. University professor specializing in the Education of Family Mediators. Consultant on projects for alternative conflict resolution for the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (Inter-American Development Bank) and the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP). Author of specialist publications on Family Mediation.

Eduard Vinyamata


Doctor in Social Sciences. Expert in Conflictology and Mediation. Delegate of the Rector of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC, university virtual) “Campus for Peace”, dedicated to supporting peace and humanitarian initiatives.
Professor and Researcher in Conflictology in various European and American universities.

Jorge Bolaños


Doctor in Mathematics. Professor of Statistics at the University of Granada (UGr) and member of the Institute of Peace and Conflict at the university.

Tica Font


Degree in Physical Sciences. Founder of the JM Delas Centre of Peace Studies and Vice President ofJusticia y Paz. Was President of the Federación Catalana de ONG por la Paz (Catalan Federation of NGOs for Peace). Since March 2009 she has been Director of the International Catalan Institute for PeaceInstitut Català Internacional per la Pau. She is an expert on defence economics, arms commerce, defence budgets, military industry etc. She works on several research projects and publishes on the theme. (Barcelona).


Marta Burguet

Vilanova i la Geltrú, Barcelona

Doctor in Pedagogy.
Professor in the Department of the Theory and History of Education at the Faculty of Pedagogy at University of Barcelona.
Member of the Consolidated Group of Research into Moral Education (GREM) in the same department.
Academic Coordinator of the Masters in Conflictology at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).
Member of the Centre for Research and Studies in Conflictology (CREC), UOC.
Member of the Universitas Albertiana.
Primary lines of research are: the culture of peace, conflict, mediation and education in values.
Author of various books on these themes.


Graciela Frías

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico

Degree in Education and Conflict Mediator at the Universidad de Sonora and the Institute of Mediation, Mexico. Masters in the Management of Conflict and Mediation in Complex Organizations and Health for the University of Barcelona. Has extensive teaching experience in the area of conflict mediation. She is Executive Coordinator of the World Mediation Congresses. Member of the Universitas Albertiana of Sonora, México.

Gemma Manau


Degree in Chemistry, University of Barcelona. Postgraduate in the Culture of Peace and Social Coexistence (UN) of which she is now coordinator. Director of the Joao Tomé Institute of Peace, Oporto.

Iván Pera


Degree in Political Science and Sociology, Universidad de DEUSTA. Ex-Registrar of the Ayuntamiento of Mataró. Communications Consultant. Producer and scriptwriter in audiovisuals. President of the Sports Council of Maresme (2008-2011).

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