International Congress «Building Peace in the 21st century» Barcelona | April 2012
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Leticia Soberón


Doctor in Social Sciences.
General Coordinator of RIIAL (Pontifical Council for Social Communications at the Vatican).
Specialist in the Management of work networks.
Member of the Universitas Albertiana.


Rosa Mª Calaf


Degree in Law, University of Barcelona (UB) and Journalism Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Was a journalist for RTVE for more then three decades. During her career she visited more than 170 countries where she covered stories that impacted on the international stage. In 2008 she was made an Honorary Doctor by the Tarragona Universidad Rovira i Virgili (URV).

Milagros Pérez Oliva

Barcelona. Madrid

Specialist Journalist in biomedical themes, she is a Professor in the School of Journalism, UAM-ELPAÍS. Also at the University Pompeu Fabra where she is a member of the Social Council. Known for her work in the field of ethics, both in journalism as well as in medicine. Today, she is the Reader´s Advocate for the El Pais daily newspaper.

Genís Roca


Managing Director ofRoca Salvatella,a strategic consulting business on company and institution networks.
Was Director General of Infonomia, Dean of Innovation and before that Manager of Internet Initiatives at UOC.
Degree in History from the UAB, specializing in Archaeology and has an MBA from ESADE.

Manuel Manonelles


Political Scientist specializing in International Relations, Human Rights and Democratization. Director of theCulture of Peace Foundation.
Director of the World Forum on Civil Society Networks Ubuntu.
Special Assessor at the Inter Press Service).
Special Assessor of Federico Mayor Zaragoza (2005-2006) in the UN High level Group of the Alliance of Civilizations.

Eduard Sanjuan


Degree in Information Sciences.
Specialist Journalist in International Issues.
Between 1976 and 1983 he worked for various publications, was part of the production team for Mundo Diario and following that part of the Diario de Barcelona team.
Joined the TV3 Information Services in 1983 and from there he covered the most significant news events of the century and the crisis following September 11th.

Jordi Armadans


Is a Political Scientist and Journalist Nowadays he is the Director of the Peace Foundation in Barcelona.

León Mayoral

Hermosillo, Sonora

Graduated in Marketing. He is a Doctor of Education in Durango, a teacher and a businessman in Mexico.

Xavier Giró


Doctor of Journalism and Masters in Journalism and Public Affairs from the American University (Washington D.C).
Professor of Political Journalism at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), director of the Observatory Research Group for the Coverage of Conflicts (OCC) and Co-Director of the Postgraduate “La comunicación de los conflictos y la Paz” (Communication of conflict and peace).


Mercè Costa


Philologist. Has worked with the Letter of Peace since its foundation. Editor of the Revista Actualitat (Gremi de Flequers of Barcelona).

Alfredo Fernández

Buenos Aires. Barcelona

Journalist. Responsible for the Communications Area at the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN Foundation. Has worked as a teacher and university researcher. Radio show host.


Elisabet Juanola

Santiago de Chile

Professor on the University of Barcelona course, “Coexistence in the 21st Century, Values for Peace.”
Director of the Armando de Ramón Institute for Peace in Santiago, Chile.

Carme Blanco


Degree in Medieval History and Paleography, diploma in Theology.
Official Tourist Guide for the Generalitat of Catalonia.
Author of En Valentí i el tren del cel, and various books in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Barcelona.
Director of a cultural training company.

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