International Congress «Building Peace in the 21st century» Barcelona | April 2012
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Begoña Román


Doctor of Philosophy.
Professor of Ethics in the Faculty of Philosophy at University of Barcelona.
Teaches professional ethics on several postgraduate courses.
Her main research interest is the application of ethics in organizational and business environments.


Joan Rigol


Political scientist. Doctor of Theology.  President of the Parliament of Catalonia (1999-2003).  President of the Board of Construction for the Sagrada Familia. A Humanist committed to citizens rights, he is an active member of various socio-cultural Trusts including the Liceu Theatre, Theatre Lliure, the Olof Palme Foundation and Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset.

Joan Majó


Doctor of Industrial Engineering (UPC).
Ex Mayor of Mataró (Barcelona).
Minister of Industry and Energy in the second legislature of Felipe González.
President of the BCN 22@ society and Director General of the Catalan Corporation of Radio and Television.
Vice President of the Jaume Bofill Foundation and President of Cercle pel Coneixement (Knowledge Circle).

Carlos Gabriel Gómez Restrepo

Santafé de Bogotá, Colombia

Doctor of Education and Masters in Political Sciences. Rector of the Universidad de La Salle de Bogotá In 2004 he was recognized with the Orden a la Democracia del Congreso de Colombia (Order of Democracy of the Colombian Congress).

Joan Subirats


Irma Rognoni


Lawyer, specializing in themes of mediation and conflict resolution. She has worked in the area of family, organizational and international conflicts as a facilitator of dialogues for peace.
Co-Director of æquitas, a centre for mediation and alternative conflict resolution.
She teaches classes at Universidad Ramon Llull and at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.
She is a Councillor with the Ayuntamiento of Barcelona.  

Enrique Cabero


Is a Doctor of Law and teaches at the University of Salamanca (Spain).

Toni Comín


Degree in Philosophy and Political Sciences, he is Professor of Social Sciences at ESADE (URL).
He is a meber of the Alfons Comín Foundation and is Vice President of the Catalunya Segle XXI Foundation (21st Century Catalonia).
He is a Deputy in the Catalan Parliament.

Joan Subirats


Doctor of Economic Science and researcher at the Goverment Institute in Public Potilics of the UAB (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona).

Agustín Domingo Moratalla


Professor of Philosophy of Law, Morals and Politics at the University of Valencia.  Was Secretary General of Justicia y Paz (Justice and Peace) in Madrid, President in Salamanca and Vice President of the General Committee. Director General of the Department of Family, Children and Adoption in Valencia from 2001 to 2003 and promoter of the Law of Mediation in Valencia.


Elena Caballé


Graduated in Business Science and she is the Manager of the Ámbito de Investigación y Difusión María Corral (Barcelona).


Natàlia Plá


Doctor in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona.
Member of the group promoting the Association Ámbito para la Democracia en Libertad (Democracy in freedom).

Diego López-Luján

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Degree in Moral Theology from the Instituto Superior de Ciencias Morales de la Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Madrid) and member of the Ámbito María Corral de Santo Domingo. Professor at the PUCMM (Dominican Republic).

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